Contingency vs Retained

There are a few main differences between contingency staffing agencies and retained search firms. The obvious difference is payment for the service prior to receiving candidates or afterwards. Recruiting is expensive. There are a lot of upfront fees associated with sourcing candidates. If it were easy and cheap, you wouldn’t be reading this now. One Stop Recruiting simply feels that those costs should be our concern, not yours. If we do our job and find the right Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, or Registered Nurse that meets your qualifications and they are a good fit for your business then we will get paid for our services. We shouldn’t have to convince you to part with fees upfront just for the right to use our service. We want to earn your business. Once we earn your business, we want to keep it and be your “go to” staffing agency for future needs. We understand that when we do a great job filling your medical staffing positions, you will not only use us in the future but also refer us to other medical practices that may also have staffing needs.

A retained search agency is going to tell you that if a contingency firm doesn’t fill your position soon, it will give up and move on to another position. That may be true with a lot of other contingency firms, but One Stop Recruiting is NOT the home to the “lazy recruiter”. We will not just send out an email blast to our database of Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, or Registered Nurses and sit back and wait for candidates to contact one of our recruiters. Make no mistake, there are quite a few contingency staffing agencies that do just that. One Stop Recruiting is not one of them. Our Senior Recruiters and their team of Associate Recruiters will continue to work diligently to fill your medical position. Our recruiters are just as motivated to fill your available position as you are.