Choosing a specialty can be a difficult process, as there are many options, as well as a variety of factors to consider.

Taking opportunities to expand your knowledge, and gain experience in different settings can be both beneficial to your career, but also to your personal life. Something to consider when choosing a specialty is the work-life balance, as well as potential for career growth. Depending on the specialty, the work environment may change. If you prefer to work in a hospital setting, a surgical specialty may be your preferred choice, versus if you prefer to work in a private practice setting, a dermatology specialty may be a great fit for you.

This list will provide a brief overview of the positions, along with the average salary. Remember to take into account the variety of factors that go into the position such as fellowship time, practice setting, work-life balance, and more.

Cardiology (Invasive)

  • Invasive Cardiology has a predominant focus on cardiovascular procedures. This specialty requires the ability to make quick decision, and be able to work independently. Fellowships are extremely competitive, and the training process is extensive. Positions are available in hospitals, and also in medical centers around the country.
  • $512,000

Orthopedic Surgery

  • Orthopedic surgeons assess, and prevent diseases and disorders pertaining to the musculoskeletal system. This specialty requires the Physician to make assessments on both outward appearances, as well as take into account x-rays, and choose the best from of rehabilitation for the patient.
  • $535,000

Cardiology (Non-Invasive)

  • Non-invasive cardiology focuses on detecting, and treating cardiovascular diseases. This specialty is great for a person who enjoys working with people, and also wants to be challenged to think outside the box.
  • $447,000


  • Radiologists can diagnose different diseases, and form treatment plans, using x-rays. This specialty requires great attention to detail, and commonly has a good work-life balance. There are a variety of subspecialties in radiology, such as neuroradiology, or pediatric radiology.
  • $340,000


  • Urology is a very competitive specialty, because of the small amount of fellowship opportunities. This specialty has a great ratio of both inpatient procedures, and outpatient assessments.
  • $381,000.